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The Adoption of the Concertina into Irish Traditional Music

From the earliest days of country-house dancing in west Clare, it is perhaps the concertina that can claim to be at its musical heart … Although the fiddle and flute can claim honoured places in west Clare’s musical history, the modest German concertinas were the people’s favourite concertinas to buy for the best part of a hundred years.  (Taylor: 209)

Improvements in Concertinas (1885)
by James Alsepti and Richard Ballinger
British Patent No. 8290 of 1885, Provisional Specification (08 July 1885) and Complete Specification (08 April 1886) with two figures. 5 pages.
The “bowing valve” patent. These valves were for English concertinas, providing a feature not present in the Wheatstone designs, and were promoted by Lachenal.


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