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Encontro de concertinas em Montalegre 2011

Of course, it was may have been Clare’s isolation that allowed for the preservation of the concertina’s role in ITM there. Linguistic and cultural archaisms frequently survive in peripheral and/or remote areas – witness the survival to this very day of Elizabethan English on the isolated Smith and Tangier islands in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.

No instrument is at the same time so portable, powerful, cheap and easily manipulated as the concertina.

Improvements in Concertinas (1884)by John Hill MaccannBritish Patent No. 4752 of 1884, Provisional Specification (12 March 1884) and Complete Specification (18 November 1884) with two figures. 4 pages.The one and only patent dealing with the Maccann Duet concertina. Maccann’s invention creates a fully chromatic Duet (capable of playing in all key signatures) based on the older diatonic Wheatstone “duett” system.