Historic Concertina Patents

Full scanned copies of nine historic concertina patents, 1829–1986.

The portfolio includes three early patents by Charles Wheatstone and his brother William Wheatstone (1829, 1844, 1861) covering the English concertina, John Hill Maccann’s Duet patent (1884), George Jones’s Anglo patent (1884), the patent by James Alsepti and Richard Ballinger for the “bowing valve” (1885, useful for dating instruments incorporating it), John Butterworth’s patent for the Crane Duet system (1896), Kaspar Wicki’s patent for the Wicki-Hayden Duet system (1896), and Brian Hayden’s much later patent (1986) for the same system. None of these patents has any current force, all have either lapsed or been abandoned.