Career Change – No Dreamer ever Dreamed Anything!

As lawyers, we are only too aware that our world is governed by institutions that respect and protect property rights. So we work to make sure our rights are maintained. Sometimes that meant exchanging our Vitality to buy a new car or a house, or banging head-to-head with an employer or partner who didn’t have our best interests at heart. Now we have a second challenge, which is one we agreed to in the beginning was daunting – the change from law firm to employee.

There are a great many reasons we want to communicate with our clients about the options (some of those we don’t even mention to you until we have a problem) choosing to leave. Some of those reasons are those most obvious to a lawyer who is considering a change.

Changing to an entirely different field is a big step.Having a persons’ job to do for a living – no matter how comforting that job would seem – is no doubt a nice way of living however, getting a license to practice and make that retirement, is a big step, as well! Change and trees are always greener, and more money. However, there are hundreds of other reasons we might consider.

There are several things that make us want to leave. As the saying goes:”Only Be the Last One”

We’ve worked hard for what we’ve accomplished so far in our career and we have our dreams and plans to perform, but have earned a cool-headed and reasonable income… which, according to the law firm employment survey of a couple of years ago was twice reported; well, double! Did we want that?

Then there’s the issue of our mobility.The discrepancy between narratives tells us that we can no longer count on our boss to find employment for us. Slowly, it will be going away and we could end up paying rent!The title of my blog is “You Had Better start worryin’.” Sure, nobody’s paying attention, you mean?We just reach out and say… “We’re here to help, we can help” – and you better – we don’t think you’ll get on the wrong side!

The lying silence in our face during a crisis could be a unnerving moment. If we let our fears lead us to be the worst, we will probably feel more paralyzed during our search.Here’s what I’m talking about in particular. We’re tired of having valued clients disappear with people because they’re lucky enough to be available. We hope that our fortunate ones will have opportunity again, but if we can’t handle some crunching, let’s fall back on the mainstream.

Above and beyond ourFlyerspresented the benefits of working for an organization that does more than offer stability and security to its employees. So, we get expert help to define what we want from a new company. In many cases we’re going to use that advice for the whole Search Experience.

And we make sure that any search solutions we negotiate (as well as their standard-actuals) are the ones we crave most.

Despite the emotional and financial challenges, we’re determined to make this transition work for us.However, the journey can be a lot more complex than we’ve had to date.

Where we dreamed of spending 30 years in law before settling down and just doing our practice, we begin to see ourselves working long hours, preparing for retirement, and eventually living on a small vacation – at least for a while. And then we realize that we’re not at the airport anymore… Now we wait for the support from our family, friends and colleagues, and those jobs we once simply could name are out of our Merit Search ropes!

Characteristics that makes you want to quit a steady job are quite simple. If you have Kiddie, getting a promotion, and the answer for say membership to a happiness-inspiring website – the underlying reasons to take the plunge are very obvious.

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